 Dementia & Alzheimer’s Care

 Dementia & Alzheimer’s Care

We believe that everyone living with dementia has the right to enjoy a high quality of life in surroundings that are familiar. The person-centred approach we take to care for our dementia clients aims to improve their quality of life as well as offer great peace of mind for their families. Our knowledge and understanding of dementia combined with a managed and flexible service sets the standard for care.

We also take the time to train family members, domestic staff and friends in dementia care, so that everyone is responding to the person living with dementia in the same way and is aware of the need for patience, understanding and adapting to the changing needs of the person as the disease develops and affects all activities of daily living.

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Our care solutions can enable spouses to remain living together, but the burden of 24-hour care by the spouse is shared and, in some instances, completely replaced by professionally trained staff. The spouse will be able to rest, go out and manage their own affairs without worrying, as well as to continue socialising and finding purpose in their own lives. Our support to the spouses is as vital as our care to the person living with dementia, as they need someone to understand the responsibility, acknowledge the loss and grief,ruby slot and provide care that ensures safety and comfort to their loved one.

We can provide caregivers for a few hours per week, gradually increasing the hours as needed – this allows the person with dementia to form solid relationships with the caregiver so that when the time comes to provide significantly more care, this person is trusted and familiar. It’s never to early to introduce a caregiver to a person with dementia because they need to build trust and express how this person makes them feel, and whether the carer makes them feel secure and loved.